Hair transplant without surgery

Hair loss without surgery is one of the methods that many people today want to do. In this method because surgery is not used. Therefore, it has numerous advantages over other methods, which we will talk about later.

Before examining the benefits of this method, it is better to address the issue of why people go for hair transplants at all? As you know, hair is known as a beauty element in people. It should also be added that the importance of this important and key element is higher in women. But unfortunately, it should be said that many people lose this beauty due to various reasons such as insufficient sleep, stress, hormonal problems, hereditary problems, etc. .

These people have been thinking about solving these problems since the distant past and have resorted to various methods such as herbal medicines, oil therapy and so on. But not only did they not work, but it had detrimental effects. In addition, after a while, several implants have been invented, which are traditional and have been performed surgically, which was better than the old methods, but was not very popular due to the harmful effects of surgery.


Benefits of non-surgical hair transplantation:
For several years, the above method has replaced the old methods, which have numerous advantages, which include:

No need for surgery
No need for anesthesia
No injuries
There are no scars
No chemicals are used
No pain and burning
No postoperative complications
No need for postoperative care.
It is without dressing.
The result is more favorable
The operation time is shorter
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Hair transplantation in a new way
Hair transplant without surgery
Now, after mentioning the benefits of this operation, the question may be raised, how is this extraordinary beauty operation performed?
In general, it should be said that hair transplants in three


The steps are performed which are:

These three steps make this model different from planting with other plantings.

In the harvesting stage, in traditional methods such as FIT, FUT, a manual holder is used and finally surgery must be performed. It is done by making an incision behind the head and between the right and left ears. And is removed by hair follicles. But in the surgical stage of hair transplantation, this is done by advanced devices without surgery. In such a way that the hair follicles are completely removed without surgery and it is not damaged.

What is the difference between a manual method and a machine?

As you can see, hand holders are used in manual methods, so there is a possibility of serious damage to the hair follicles as well as the hair follicles. However, in the non-surgical hair transplant method, since the device is used, the accuracy of the operation as well as its delicacy is high, and as a result, the possibility of damage is reduced to zero.

The second stage is preparation.
In traditional methods, this is done with a microscope, but in this ultra-advanced method, because all the steps are with the device, this step is also done with advanced devices. And this is done without any damage.